I'm a 23 year old third year medical student.

I want to be a surgeon when I grow up.

The title of the blog, the Lord of Three Realms, is an inside joke/persona that I made up with my friends in freshman year of college. Long story short, the Lo3R is the idealized version of myself, a better rendition of LL that I hope to achieve one day. The Lo3R is an unattainable quest of self-criticism/reflection/improvement. Know thyself, better thyself.

What you'll find on this blog: my eternal quest for the ideal wardrobe, living space and lifestyle routines/habits, personal effects; pictures of plants, rock formations, buildings; the great outdoors; my thoughts on things that interest me; things that I've learned and want to share; the journey of becoming a surgeon.

The three realms are whatever you want them to be.

Where else to find me

  • Pinterest: see here for aesthetically pleasing and/or inspirational things
  • Tumblr: long unused, but I'm proud of my botanical garden on the internet

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