Saturday, November 28, 2015

Boston, Part II

First order of business: I'm going back on my promise about writing SOM interview reports. I've learned that I really, really dwell on them and it does me no good to agonize over my performance. Less work and less misery for me. Instead, I'll just be posting pretty (hopefully) pictures of my travels.

After my interview at Boston University, I took an Uber back to the BU undergrad campus with some other interviewees and took a quick break at my friend's apartment. After I charged up my phone and changed out of my suit, I packed up my stuff and took the T to Boston Common. As a note, I didn't know where to pay fare (selective ignorance, maybe) and ended up with a free ride. Apologies to the City of Boston.

Anyhow, the T spat me out in what looked like the theatre district. I walked around Boston Common, thinking about how in ye olde days I may have taken my livestock there or watched someone hang for a crime. I thought about seeing some more historical sites, but I had a flight to catch. This was a cool dome, though.

Then to the public garden. My hope was to walk through Boston Common and the garden, then down Newbury Street and then to the Heynes Convention Center to catch the shuttle to the airport. Unfortunately, I was walking west and the sun made pictures a bit tough. The bright patches of grass were blinding to look at, maybe helped by my familiarity with Californian drought conditions.

Another view of the garden.

I think I was trying to get a picture of the willow, since it's not often that I see them.

Ducks. We get more Canadian geese in CA.

A cool bridge. It would be nice to go boating here in the spring and summer.
General Washington!

My walk down Newbury St was punctuated by gawking at architecture. I forgot what church this is, but it was certainly a marvel.

I have no idea what this building is.

A Chinese tourist saw my suitcase and asked me if I were a tourist as well. He was taking pictures of buildings and asked if I could take one of him standing in front of some famous church. I think this church was the one he was looking for, and we parted ways after I told him I was on my way to the airport.

Upon my buddy's suggestion, I went to Emack & Bolio's for ice cream. This one was salted caramel and chocolate-covered pretzels, which was pretty delicious. I'm no foodie, but it seemed like a good treat at the end of the interview day.

Some final thoughts: I could see myself living in Boston for four years and more. That said, I saw Back Bay, MIT, and Boston Common on my trip, and a bit of South End and the BUSM and BMC area. Perhaps that isn't representative of Boston, but I enjoyed my trip. Since I didn't get to see any historical sites or museums, I know I must return, if only for vacation one day. If anything, I would go back just to walk all day through Back Bay, around the Freedom Trail, etc.

I hear back from BUSM in early January, so here's hoping.

UPDATE: accepted to BUSM with Dean's Scholarship! I'm going to be a doctor!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Blue Velvet | Aspirational Outfit

Before I begin, I present: mood music

In spite of the fact that I have not attended any formal, dressy event since prom nearly four years ago, I still mess around with the idea that maybe I will need to be elegant for an evening. The spirit of this post about an aspirational outfit is that I would have in my closet ready for whatever dressy/formal event I am invited to.

Imagine: self in above outfit at a nighttime event. I look good in dark blue, the fabric drapes well, and the neckline looks flattering. I could pretend to be the night sky with some sparkles in my hair. Evening purses always seem a little too fussy or gaudy to me, so this sleek, minimalist tuxedo of a handbag hits the mark for me. Maybe the matching shoes are a bit much, and not versatile enough, but they seemed a perfect pair, and I think I'd be able to dance (or sprint) in them.

Summary: a simple, relatively unadorned outfit that suits my requirements for comfort and versatility. It's all from Zara, from which I own zero articles of clothing, so I can't attest to quality for price.