Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Blue Velvet | Aspirational Outfit

Before I begin, I present: mood music

In spite of the fact that I have not attended any formal, dressy event since prom nearly four years ago, I still mess around with the idea that maybe I will need to be elegant for an evening. The spirit of this post about an aspirational outfit is that I would have in my closet ready for whatever dressy/formal event I am invited to.

Imagine: self in above outfit at a nighttime event. I look good in dark blue, the fabric drapes well, and the neckline looks flattering. I could pretend to be the night sky with some sparkles in my hair. Evening purses always seem a little too fussy or gaudy to me, so this sleek, minimalist tuxedo of a handbag hits the mark for me. Maybe the matching shoes are a bit much, and not versatile enough, but they seemed a perfect pair, and I think I'd be able to dance (or sprint) in them.

Summary: a simple, relatively unadorned outfit that suits my requirements for comfort and versatility. It's all from Zara, from which I own zero articles of clothing, so I can't attest to quality for price.

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  1. Super fancy indeed! Sometimes I'll look for inspiration for formal wear as well, but I have no business buying any of it since I go to 0 formal events.