A work in is a collection of long-form articles (and perhaps other forms of media...we'll see) that I think are cool, interesting, and insightful. They reflect some of my other interests, things I would like to learn more about, etc. They hearken back to childhood: of spending hours at a library and leaving with an armful of books of a huge variety of topics, way too many to read before they are due. A cabinet of curiosities.

It's kind of sparse for now, but I'll add to it.

Brooks Range Traverse 2018 - Carrot Quinn - Carrot Quinn, long-distance hiker, writer, loud and clear queer voice, born and raised in Alaska. She will be hiking the Brooks Range east to west across Alaska with her friend Bunny, another queer outdoorswoman. This introduction post is about a lot of things: the route, the irony of blazing her own trail across her home state building on the knowledge of contemporary white hikers and the knowledge of generations of Native Alaskans, the peril of the Alaskan wilderness to oil and mining, taking up space in the great outdoors as a queer woman, etc. There's a lot. Carrot writes beautifully, and is someone I look up to (from afar, because her level of outdoorswoman is pretty high).

Going It Alone - Outside Online - Rahawa Haile, Eritrean-American, queer black woman, recounts and reflects thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail solo in 2016. On the whiteness of the white blazed AT, on the physical and mental rigors of over 2000 miles of wilderness, on the exclusion of black Americans from the great outdoors, on racism then and now, on following the legacy of Harriet Tubman north. She's a writer.

How Driscoll's Reinvented the Strawberry - the New Yorker - the quest for the perfect, most beautiful, most delicious strawberry, with a lean towards the economics of the global produce industry, intellectual property law, a rivalry with the formidable UC Davis strawberry licensing program, and a healthy dash of capitalism

The Really Big One: the earthquake that will devastate the Pacific Northwest - the New Yorker - on earthqakes, how they are and how they come to be and what they can do, and a glimpse into the apocalyptic future should the Cascadia Subduction Zone unleash its power

Barack Obama - keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, Boston

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