Saturday, May 19, 2018

S/S 2018 | Wardrobe Planning

I'm back from Step 1 hell, and from my Grand Canyon hiking trip. More on that later, but it was the most fun, challenging, and fulfilling great outdoors adventure I've had. I'm glad I shared the experience with my dad, and I hope to do a lot more hiking/camping/backpacking in the future.

It's kind of late for me to do a wardrobe planning post for this spring and summer, but the context is that I'm starting clinical rotations in a week and need enough clinic-appropriate clothes to dress up in. Currently, I own two 'nice' blouses, two potentially clinic-appropriate shirts, one dress, four pairs of trousers, and a skirt. For shoes, it's a pair of pumps a pair of flats. Looking at this, the only things I really 'need' to get are blouses -- everything else I have enough of, at least to get me started. I'll think about adding to my shoe collection when autumn comes around, or if suddenly during my first rotation (OB/Gyn) I realize I need clogs or something. I'll survive OB/Gyn OR with sneakers and maybe my very waterproof snow boots for the time being (only sort of joking).

Anyhow, here are my ideas for adding to my spring/summer wardrobe:

  1. Short sleeved Eileen Fisher blouse, silk -- I've actually bought one of these secondhand from Poshmark, and may be gambling a bit on the sizing. I would prefer a looser fit, but the measurements may suggest otherwise. I wanted high quality pieces for a lower price and environmental impact, so secondhand I go
  2. Eileen Fisher tank, silk -- there's another one of these on Poshmark that I want to buy. Both would be black, but it's hard for me to find colors that I want to wear (that are not navy, as I've temporarily banned myself from buying navy anything)
  3. Muji dress, linen -- last year I sort of fell in love with a linen dress with 3/4 sleeves from Muji, took a great picture of myself in it, and never bought it. I don't know if I'll buy this year's version, but this marketing image with Honey and Silk was so captivating, and exactly evocative of how I want to be when I wear a linen dress (thanks, advertising)
  4. Uniqlo shorts, linen -- well, I already bought these and they are great
Lastly, I'm actively trying to suppress my memory of Step 1. It was awful, I felt awful during and after the exam, and I don't think I did well. My dream specialty may be out of reach -- I'm almost certain of it. So I'll strike any mention of Step 1 from here. Grand Canyon post coming shortly, hopefully.

As a final aside, Eileen Fisher is a brand I have only heard of/had any desire to buy from thanks to the blog world. So many people I read wear Eileen Fisher. But, I love linen, and I love silk (of which I garment so far). The consumerist web has nabbed me on this one!


  1. We don't have great access to Eileen Fisher here but I do like all the silk and linen they do. Haha I'm on Ob/Gyn right now and have been surviving with my regular boots, shoe covers and a whole lot of hoping! Looking forward to hearing about the hiking trip.

    1. The only way I'm getting Eileen Fisher is from Poshmark (and that's the only online secondhand retailer I have used)! The shirt is fine and I like the quality, but still feel weird about buying silk for regular wear, but it looks much more formal than my black cotton t-shirts, and will keep me warm in the winter (warmer than cotton, at least).

      I'm going to hope too for OB. My old sneakers got a bit trashed from an ortho trauma case last summer, even with shoe covers. Those shoes were very old and needed replacing anyways. I couldn't comfortably run in them at all.

  2. These pieces are so versatile and I'm sure you'll get a lot of wear out of them! Linen is a great material for summer, and silk is great for temperature control as well. // At my school, we have a saying called "done is good," which reminds us that being done is good enough, that we don't need to be perfect, and that since we're done, we can move on and focus on the next thing. This phrase usually comes up around finals season :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  3. I've also been thinking about maybe, someday soon taking the leap into buying Eileen Fisher (probably also secondhand). I'm definitely also getting influenced by blogs on this, as I think they otherwise feel like a brand that would otherwise skew towards an older audience.

    The bar exam may not be that similar to Step 1 or the other exams you'll be taking but... it was bad times, and I was taken aback by how bad it was to go through it, as someone who had handled some really high-stakes exams in the past. I feel like advice that sounds like "you'll get through it/focus on next time/everything will work out the way it should" is never that... helpful in the moment, but it's always turned out accurate. The early years of getting into these professions is so tough! (I haven't talked too, too much about some of the gory details, but it's been... an adventure.)