Sunday, March 19, 2017

S/S 2017 | Wardrobe Planning

It's a bit odd to think about spring and summer when there's active snowfall and literal piles of snow and ice from a recent blizzard, but it's about time to think about what I'll be buying for the next few months.

In reality, this post was prompted by a recent shopping trip. I wanted to buy a shirt from Uniqlo, went into Uniqlo, and walked out with that shirt and a dress I hadn't planned for. It is a charcoal grey ponte dress with a flare skirt that is appropriate for clinic and any event where I need to look sharp. But still, it was an impulse purchase.

Summer in Boston is hotter and more humid than summer in the Bay Area. Basically, I am looking for linen garments. Read on for more information.
All from Pinterest, sources spotty. The black one is from Ovate

  1. A linen dress, or two - I prefer dresses for warm weather. It's easy to look good and feel comfortable in a dress. It's a single, simple garment. I tried on some linen dresses last summer and loved the texture and the way the fabric moved. For truly sweltering days, I can only really stand to wear dresses. Here is a collection of dresses I've found on Pinterest, but really, the quest for the perfect linen dress is difficult because (1) there aren't many linen dresses for sale and (2) I am fairly picky when it comes to dresses
  2. Dark red high-neck t-shirt, Uniqlo - I like this color on me and bought this to replace the dark red t-shirt I've demoted to workout gear and the unattainable Red Polo shirt of my youth. I liked the look of the charcoal grey and the light blue versions, but the former was out of stock and the latter looked nice, but I am still afraid of light colors
  3. Dark blue sleeveless linen shirt, Uniqlo - I wanted to get one of these last summer, but was unsure about all the bright colors. Maybe this year will be the year
  4. Drawstring shorts, preferably linen - I bought a pair of black linen shorts last summer and they served me well. I wore them maybe a bit too often so another pair seems like a good
  5. Other - already bought the charcoal ponte dress from Uniqlo; I thought about getting a lightweight jacket for spring, but realized that I will probably just end up wearing my autumn outwear or knits; also, I'll probably need to get some thin no-show socks as well. 
I've been wondering a lot lately about ethical consumption and how my own consumption fits in. I mentioned Uniqlo quite a bit in this post -- I've written a bit about the evils of fast fashion, and yet the majority of my clothes come from Uniqlo and other fast fashion-type companies with questionable ethical code and ecological impact. I tell myself that I actually don't consume a lot, and find reasons for the things that I buy.

At the end of it, I think I have reasonable clothing consumption habits, with plenty of room to improve. 


  1. I was looking for linen clothes earlier this year, they're strangely hard to find! I'm quite happy with my sleeveless linen shirt from Uniqlo, although I'm getting it altered shorter because it was too long to be practical. I find warm/humid weather really hard to dress for (despite being Australian...).

    I'm the same as you re: ethical clothing. I do want to do better but it's hard in terms of what's available, accessible, and what I actually like and fits me well.

    1. I think I would boil in Sydney. Hot weather does not agree with me.

      I sometimes wonder whether individual consumption, ethical or not, has any impact at all. Something is better than nothing, but I still feel guilty about buying from the places I do. Fashion is difficult.

  2. I love that red and white striped dress you pinned! ahh I love Uniqlo too :| -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. It looks so good in that photo! Either because of photo quality or the actual fabric composition, that dress looks wearable and less peppermint-like than it could

  3. Linen is the best (I never considered that it is particularly well suited for the Boston climate, but you might be right there). My summer wardrobe is probably seventy percent linen by now. It doesn't hurt that I find linen beautiful and a tactile pleasure. You have to be prepared to live with wrinkles though, if not to love them.

    1. I wore my linen shorts as often as I could last August (my first Boston summer) -- it was far hotter and more humid than I'm used to. Wrinkles don't bother me, but sweat patches and overheating do.